IN-N-OUT Burger Opens in Frisco!

I know all of you fellow Texans are thinking, “Really?
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Could we possibly need another burger place?” We’ve got McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and too many more to mention. Why would we need one more waist-expanding drive thru of burger-dom?

Welcome to Frisco our first IN-N-OUT Burger! If you have never eaten an IN-N-OUT Burger then let me persuade you to do so! This truly is an awesome burger and the shakes are delicious!

Do the menu boards at drive-thrus make you dizzy with options? Half the time I cannot even find the kids meals among the offerings of fried pies,the latest free kid toys, and the huge signs advertising new fries! Have no fear, simplicity is here!

At IN-N-OUT its back to the basics of burger, fries and a drink! That’s it! They have served this same menu since 1948. “And if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.” No freezers or microwaves are allowed. Their savory burgers are fresh and ask to watch the potatoes being sliced for the fresh fries.

This company was created by a husband and wife team who wanted to serve fresh food fast to their Californian customers. Hence, the first drive-thru in California was created. The IN-N-OUT team has continued to be a family affair, owned and family operated, not a publicly traded company who’s lost its personal touch.

IN-N-OUT opens two locations in North Texas; one in Frisco on Preston Road heading north past Highway 121. It’s near Stonebriar Mall, so all of you Frisco moms out there hit the drive-thru after you shop till you drop. No, there aren’t kids meals but there are Protein Style burgers wrapped in lettuce instead of the bun. And if you’re really craving a burger the 4×4 takes on a whole new meaning of the word gluttony!

Help me welcome the new IN-N-OUT Burger to Frisco, Texas! And as a side note the last time I flew into LAX, I told the order-taker that they should open a spot in Frisco because we’d give them great business! And here they are! (well probably not ’cause of me, but I did tell them that!)