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How to Make an Amazing Sandwich or Sub

I used to work at a sub shop, it was my favorite job
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I think I could eat it everyday and not be sick of it, even after eating it a ton with those pregnancy cravings! Now I’m too cheap and it’s too far away, so I try to make my own delicious sandwiches instead.



Dressing, Sauce or otherwise(i.e. Salad Dressing,  Butter, BBQ, Mustard, etc.)


Au Jus or Marinade




A good bread can make any sandwich taste a million times better. There are many varieties.  Thick, dense bread is usually the best tasting. Anything but the regular white or wheat bread will make your sandwich taste much better. That being said, I am cheap, so we usually just have white or wheat and our sandwiches still taste ok, but they could be better.


I am always drooling over everything in the dressing aisle. At the sub shop that I worked at this was another important aspect of how they made their sandwiches taste better than everyone else’s.

There is the problem of soggy-ness and nobody likes a soggy sandwich. When you are making your sandwich think about how thick your dressing is and how long it will be until someone eats the sandwich. If it’s something thicker like mayo, ranch or mustard and it will be eaten in the next 3-4 hours I will usually put it on the sandwich.

There are tons of choices of what to put on your sandwich. You are only putting a small amount of whatever you choose on your sandwich, so it’s ok to try something bold and daring. I love raspberry vinagrette, chipotle dressing, and the classic ranch. Like I said, tons of choices and many ideas that may not be very common. You could even spread some salsa, guacamole or marinara sauce on your sandwich.


There are tons of options of meat too. Check out your deli counter at your local grocery store, you’ll be surprised of the prices, they compare to the prepackaged deli meats and are sometimes even cheaper. (I used to work here too.) You also get more choice with the thickness and amount of meat.

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Don’t just look at deli meat, chicken breast is easy to shred or cut into chunks or even put whole on a sandwich. You can also try meatballs or bacon too. Making your meat into a salad can be tasty with tuna or shredded chicken. Use a little imagination or just copy your favorite sandwich from the sub shop.

Au Jus and Marinade:

At the sub shop I worked at we had a container of hot au jus to dip all of the beef into for a few seconds to give it flavor. There was also some sort of marinade that we dipped the chicken into. You can also use that au jus for a great french dip sandwich.


Check out the cheese at the deli counter too. I tend to stick to my few favorite cheeses. I love mozzarella or cheddar on most of my sandwiches but I also really love Swiss, especially on chopped chicken. I love the way that Swiss melts. I usually choose sliced cheese, but my husband loves shredded cheese on top of that. Parmesan is another great topper.

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You can really be creative with veggies. Thinly sliced anything can be good. I tend to go with a little bit of chopped onions, sometimes some sauteed mushrooms, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and a tiny bit of lettuce. Cooked and raw veggies are both really good depending on what you are going for!

Put It All Together:

The main thing that I learned was that you want every bite to taste the same, so be sure to spread everything out evenly. I also toast most of my sandwiches, just in the oven under the broiler, or on a skillet. If you have a toaster oven it’s probably easier, and I’m jealous! Hide some of your toastable veggies and dressing under your meat and cheese and toast it.  With the broiler, toast the sandwich open, then put it together and toast the top, and then flip it to get the bottom. Now you can finish putting on your cold veggies and enjoy!

What’s your favorite sub and where do you get it from? I want to hear about it and any awesome creations you come up with!

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