Homemade Hot Sauce

Early last year, I unknowingly took on a rather daunting task
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I started my first garden. Not knowing how many peppers one plant would bear, I bought a five-pack of chilli pepper plants, bell peppers, jalapenos and six tomato plants. I was gifted a couple other pepper plants and I got a basil plant. I started with a couple wheel barrels and a whole bunch of small planters. When that got out of control, my dad built me two garden beds and I transported everything there.

I have a lot of peppers. So many peppers that anytime someone comes over, I politely force them to fill a bag from the garden and take it home. Since the end of the season is nearing, I figured it was time to do something with all my peppers. I could dry them, but that didn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, so I decided to make some hot sauce.

I found a recipe through Pinterest, and decided I would give it a try. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the original website so I’m going to include a photo of it below. I used the same photo to make the recipe so I assure you that it’s all there!

The only thing I changed is that I didn’t strain my sauce. I kept the seeds in there to give a little more umph. I also didn’t use an immersion blender, I used my food processor (which has turned out to be quite the useful purchase) and I just cut the stems off the peppers – I didn’t slice them since I was going to mix it together anyway.

I put them in two containers and I’m going to keep them in the fridge for two weeks. Since we had a little leftover, we decided to eat that now while we wait for the other hot sauce to mellow – and it’s super good! There is a little vinegar taste but not overpowering at all. And it has a little kick – but not too hot! I’m excited to see how the hot sauce that’s fermenting turns out. Maybe I’ll top my bean and potato tacos with it next time I make them!



Homemade Hot Cocoa

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