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Home Remedy for Ants!

Home Remedy for Ants!
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For many people, ants are not much of a bother when seen outdoors, but when they enter our households, they become a nuisance. For many parents with small children, ants will seem to appear out of nowhere, as children run around leaving tracks of crumbs and sticky hand prints wherever they roam. Killing ants as they appear may seem to be a good idea to help reduce the population, however, if the Queen is still alive, she will continue to reproduce often faster than you can kill them. Read on for my easy home remedy for ants and for the killing the queen!

The Queen ant has no other job than to reproduce. She can reproduce asexually, not requiring a mate at times, and may give birth to many females. In ant colonies, there can be one Queen, and there can be many. The ants we usually encounter eating crumbs off the floor, happen to be the little worker ants, and they eat and bring food back to the Queen.

One of the most solid solutions of eradicating ants in your home, is to allow them to feed on a poison that doesn’t kill them immediately, allowing them to bring the poison back to the queen and eventually kill off the whole nation. Here is how it is done…

For the purpose of this demonstration, I used Nutella, but you could use any sweet syrup, sugar or even crackers (see below)! I prefer Nutella because my ants love it…

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Home remedy for ants!Recipe Type: RemedyAuthor: The RobomomPrep time: 5 minsTotal time: 5 minsServes: 100Ingredients

  • 1 Tablespoon of Nutella
  • 1/2 (or slightly less) Tablespoon of Boric Acid (I used Max-Attract Roach Powder, contains 99% boric acid)


  1. Mix in plastic cups.
  2. Feed the ants.
  3. Refrain from killing the ants.
  4. Let them kill the queen!
  5. 🙂


Please note:

Some ants prefer salty flavors. Chances are, if you have seen ants, they are eating something. If they are surrounding crumbs of a cracker, use crackers and pulverize with boric acid. If they are surrounding chocolate, use nutella. Basically, give them what they want and add poison to it. Simple isn’t it? Just be sure to use a high ratio of food per poison, you want to lure them, and poison is not a good choice of a lure…. Try to keep it 1 tablespoon of food to less than 1/2 of poison or less!


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