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Hispanic Heritage Month: Adriana’s Best Recipes

I have a confession. I don’t like chain restaurants.
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I subconsciously wrinkle up my nose when someone suggests one for an upcoming lunch, and I’m constantly on the lookout for the back alley finds.

One of the reasons I prefer homemade over something mass-produced is because I strongly believe that good food comes with a story. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I reached out to a local food blogger, Adriana Martin of Adriana’s Best Recipes, in an effort to learn her story (and maybe pick up a recipe or two).

Adriana was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, raised in Chihuahua and Mexico City, and now lives on the west side of Orlando. After marrying a Cuban national, Adriana moved to the states and soon discovered she wanted to honor her heritage while also blending her new family’s Hispanic cultures together.

We met for lunch at Memories of India (a separate delicious topic I want to share next time). She shared details about her move to Florida and her heritage, as well as her desire to remind everyone that good food doesn’t have to be expensive. The more she spoke, the more I could imagine myself in her own kitchen, pulling up a stool to the counter while she donned an apron and started to pull spices from her cupboards.

We talked a lot about how she creates recipes for her website and clients. If you ask me, the thought of coming up with a recipe is scary stuff. As Adriana shared her process, I realized it’s the culinary equivalent of magic happening! As she says, “The more you practice in the kitchen, the better and more confident you get.”

Her small stature belies her big, deep love for simple and affordable meal prep. That vibe comes across on her website as each recipe she posts brings culture to your table along with details regarding the cost per serving, so that you can easily gauge whether it’s rightfor your budget.

When I asked Adriana what her favorite kitchen tool was, she answered, “The pressure cooker that belonged to my grandmother and my mother’s Kitchen Aid mixer, both of which I brought from Mexico are both precious things.”

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Adriana is sharing her recipe for Potato Pillows, which sound comforting and delightful. Known from her childhood as ‘Tortitas de Papa’, they were a welcome dish when arriving home from school.

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This recipe only takes 30 minutes from start to finish, requires just five pieces of equipment and simple ingredients that are easy to find in your nearby grocery store. What’s more, the kiddos can help you prepare this dish, which gives some fun ownership in what they are putting in their bellies.

I’ll take homemade-with-a-story over fast food any day. For more of Adriana’s recipes and to hire her for private parties or events, click here.