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Healthy Salad in a Jar

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I continue to look for ways to refine my nutritional habits.

Anything that helps keep my cheeseburger cravings at bay in a winner in my book. So far, I’ve found that having a nice, nutritious salad each day for lunch is a solid strategy.

Dinnertime seems to go sideways really easily with two young children, and despite my good intentions, I’ve found myself hungrily wolfing down the crusts from their sandwiches or taking giant bites of mac and cheese while waiting for chicken to roast.

At least if I inadvertently eat half a pan of noodles, I can count on the fact that I’ve already consumed my greens for the day.

Here’s a healthy salad from Oh She Glows that you can prep ahead of time and pack into those empty jars floating around your house.

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Image via Oh She Glows

Image via Oh She Glows

Heaven knows I love a good snack-in-a-jar.

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