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Healthy Easter Baskets

That Easter basket haunts me every year.
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I struggle with what to put in the three that I now have to fill.

I recently posted about my frustration with junk food being at every turn.   Sometimes it feels like all of my efforts to give my kids a healthy upbringing are sabotaged at every turn.  And as you know, holidays are the BIGGEST challenge when it comes to taming the junk food monsters that lurk in every kids’ corner.

I’ve always tried to give my kids healthy treats (or at least not-that-bad treats) in their Easter baskets.  But it can be a daunting task since the main thing that is marketed for Easter baskets is chocolate!  My huge goal is for my kids to celebrate holidays in ways other than EATING (that could be a whole other post).

Here are some answers to some questions you may have about my strategy.

What do you do about the dozens of Easter egg hunts they are invited to?

I simply reuse the eggs that they obtain at said hunts.  We had an egg hunt with some friends last weekend, and I reused the eggs that my sons got from that hunt for their class Easter parties today.  Sure they’ll end up with more candy from those parties, but at least we’re giving a lot of it away, too; it’s a way of diluting their stockpile of sugar.  And the eggs that they end up with from their class parties will be reused for the egg hunt that they will have with their cousins on Easter day.

What do you fill the Easter eggs with?

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This year I’m doing a little of everything.

  • Money
  • Tokens to their favorite pizza place
  • Trail mix (with some chocolate chips in it to sweeten things up a little)
  • A certain fruity, circle-shaped cereal that they only get when they visit their aunt’s house in a city 5 hours away
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Bunny crackers
  • Baby carrots (Easter bunny food)
  • Tiny bubble bottles
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Stickers
  • (I don’t do little toys that will end up in the trash after a day.)

What else do you fill the Easter basket with?

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Instead of filling their baskets with big ol’ chocolate bunnies, I like to get them a gift that they need.  This year they are getting bike helmets and sidewalk chalk that is in the shape of bunnies.  This way nothing gets thrown in the trash, and they get something they’re really excited about.  Another friend of mine puts a new swimsuit and beach towel in her kids’ baskets every year.  Brilliant!

How do you keep them from eating the whole basket in one day?

I try to get the goodies away from them while they’re playing and put them in their candy jar.  Then I allow them a piece or two a day or as rewards for good behavior.  This can admittedly be a challenge.

I hope you don’t feel like you have to give into the consumerism and over-indulgence of the holiday.  Let’s be honest, we’re not doing our kids any favors by pumping them full of sugar.  What are some ways that you keep Easter healthy?



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