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Healthy Desserts In Manhattan

If you are ever in Manhattan, I suggest going to The Soft Serve Fruit Company.
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There are two stores in NYC, one is on the Upper East Side and the other is at Union Square West.  I’ve provided the addresses  and telephone numbers below. If you can’t make it to the store, they deliver in Manhattan (but only in that borough).

I recently visited The Soft Serve Fruit Company at the Union Square location. It’s a cute dessert place with some tables and chairs. I tried some samples of the seasonal flavors they had. I tried the mango, banana, and pear.  The ingredients are all natural and only contain fruit, water, and cane sugar.

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The Soft Serve Fruit Co. is a frozen dessert brand that offers a variety of products made with soft serve fruit, a three-ingredient treat consisting of just fruit, water and a touch of organic cane sugar but that has the creamy consistency of frozen yogurt.

Soft Serve Fruit is free of dairy, gluten, fat, sodium and cholesterol and contains less than 90 calories in a 3.5oz cup serving. Customers can choose from a number of seasonally rotating varieties including Cranberry, Strawberry, Mango, Pumpkin, Apple, Pear, Banana and Blueberry as well as delicious toppings like Fresh Berries, Graham Crackers, Coconut, Trail Mix, Chocolate Chips, Pretzels and Dairy-Free Whipped Topping. They also offer a number of soft serve creations like pies, smoothies, cider and hot chocolate.

Check out some of The Soft Serve Fruit Co.’s signature sundae’s below:

  • Crunchy Salty Sundae: Banana Soft Serve Fruit, Fresh Banana, Pretzels, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips
  • Fruit Salad Sundae: Banana, Strawberry and Mango Soft Serve Fruit, Fresh Berries, Bananas, Pineapple & Mango
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Upper East Side

1371 Third Avenue (and 78th Street)

NYC 10075


Union Square

25 East 17th Street (and Broadway)

NYC 10011


DISCLAIMER:  I received complementary desserts  from the company in order to write this review.


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