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Healing Soups

It seems we are mid-fever into this flu season…and wowsers it’s been a doosey.
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Here are some ‘healing’ soups that I’ve found to help you wade through the muck of illness:

A gal at my church had this recipe to share:



2-3 cloves of Garlic

1 large Onion

1-2 Tbs. fresh grated Ginger

2 Tbs. fresh Cilantro

3 Tbs. yeast-free instant Vegetable Broth

2=3 Quarts of Water

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1 Cucumber (optional: Carrots, Cabbage, Celery)

“Real Salts” to taste

Chop and crush garlic cloves into small diced pieces and lightly steam-fry. Set aside. Put whole onion in water in a deep pan, simmer until onion is transparent (approx. 1 hour). Add garlic and vegetable broth. Slice cucumber (and optional veggies) and add to soup. Simmer 10-15 minutes. Add fresh ginger and cilantro and Real salt to taste. This soup is especially soothing when tired, stressed, or sick with cold or flu, and is very anti-fungal.

Some other great sources to try…

The Pioneer Woman: Chicken Soup

Dr. Oz has three healing soups

1.immune boosting soup

2.winter-warmer hearty soup

3.detoxifying broth

Nourishing Days has a ‘Seriously Healing Soup’

So make yourself some healing soup to get your friends and loved ones over their aches and toilet closeness and back out in the rain/snow of the crisp winter!


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Mustgo Soup

“This must go, that must go….”

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Soup Recipes for the Soul

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