Harward Farms

Harward Farms.
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Although the scent of autumn is in the air and the tree leaves have started to display their vibrant splendor, you still have time to feast on the divine freshness of summertime produce, but you better hurry as the clock is ticking! Local produce grower and farm stand vendor, Harward Farms, will continue to sell their delicious produce at their temporary stands located around northern Utah until about September 27, according to a Harward Farms spokesperson.

Harward Farms began in 1945, when Lenard and Hortense Harward started farming 100 acres in an area known as the west fields in Springville. In 1985, the family planted just one acre of sweet corn and sold it right from their home. Since then, the farm has dedicated 200 acres to the fresh corn crop while also growing watermelon, cantaloupe, and other fresh fruit and vegetables in its fertile soil.

On my recent visit to one of Harward Farm’s temporary produce stands in American Fork, I bought a sack full of some of the best corn my family has ever enjoyed! Fresh! Juicy! Sweet! Perfect! This corn hardly needed any butter to make it absolutely heavenly, however, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that butter did adorn our corn that night. Few things are better than slathered up fresh-from-the-field corn! We all agreed that this corn provided some mighty fine eats!

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If, by chance, you feel you don’t have time to stop and pick up delicious produce, Harward Farms has almost 30 farm stands conveniently located throughout Utah where busy shoppers can pull up, pay for their produce, have their delicious corn, peaches, or apples placed right in their backseat, all without ever leaving their cars! This is drive-thru food at its finest!

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Buyers can rest assured that they will be taking home premium, right-off-the-farm, and nutritionally-packed food for their family when making a purchase at one of Harward Farms’ local stands. Take advantage of these remaining two weeks of availability of fresh and juicy produce while you can! Soon those vibrant leaves will start to fall, the snow will fly, and our mouths will be longing for that sweet taste of summer before we know it!