Ham & Turkey Deals–A Store By Store Price Guide

The Todd is tackling a Turducken again this Thanksgiving, much to our extended family’s delight.
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(Editor’s note: for the uninitiated, a “Turducken” is a de-boned turkey, a layer of stuffing, a de-boned duck, a layer of stuffing, a de-boned chicken, another layer of stuffing then stitch the whole bad boy up. Unbelievable.) If you want to try it yourself, click here to watch a step by step instruction video from my talented spouse.

For the locals: if you’re still checking out ham and turkey prices, WinCo Foods is offering a free turkey to shoppers who spend at least $100 on groceries. Some Walmart stores will match this offer. (Call your local store before you go to make sure yours does.) In addition to the free-turkey offer, many stores are offering low prices on frozen and fresh turkeys. Smith’s, for example, is offering a 12- to 14-pound hen turkey for $8 or a 16 to 20-pound tom turkey for $10 with a $35 grocery purchase. You can get an additional $3 off either of those by purchasing four qualifying Coca-Cola 6- and/or 12-packs for $10.00.

Nationwide: there’s an excellent, comprehensive store comparasion list on Pinching Your Pennies.com.

*There is a $5 mail in offer for fresh or frozen Butterball turkeys, available HERE to print – when you send it in you will get (5) $1 coupons good off of Butterball products.

This rebate form is also in the SS-11/13 insert.

Some of the Associate Foods stores ads have a $1.00 off coupon for the purchase of a Norbest Tender-Timed Young Turkey.

Winco Foods

FREE turkey with $100 purchase

(excludes Butterball, $100 purchase excludes cost of turkey, limited to stock on hand)

OR, frozen whole turkey, .74/lb (without $100 purchase)


Frozen bone-in turkey breast, 1.68/lb

Frozen turkey, .78/lb


Butterball Premium frozen turkey 10-24lb, .97/lb

Use: Save $3.00 on Butterball turkey when you buy (4) participating products – StoveTop stuffing mix, Heinz Homestyle Gravy and/or Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, exp. 12/1/2011 (see GroupA) – MUST buy the participating products in same transaction

OR: Save $3.00 on any Butterball Whole Turkey (fresh or frozen) wyb any combination of four packages of Heinz Homestyle Gravy, Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls or Stove Top Stuffing Mix (12-31-11) SS-11/13

Market Pantry whole frozen turkey 10-24lb, .79/lb

Market Pantry frozen turkey breast, .99/lb

(limit 2 per guest, except in ID or NM; quantities limited, no rainchecks)

Market Pantry fresh turkey 10-24lb, 1.09/lb


Turkey breast, 1.29/lb


Norbest whole frozen turkey, 1.19/lb

Norbest frozen turkey breast, 1.79/lb

In-ad coupon for $2.00 off any whole Norbest Turkey, good at any Ream’s Food store.

ALSO, $4.00 off your frozen turkey when you buy 4 12pks of Coca-Cola products.

Fresh Market

Frozen bone-in turkey breast, 1.29/lb (limit 2)

Norbest frozen turkey hens or toms 10-24lbs, .69/lb with $50 purchase


Honeysuckle or Private Selection frozen USDA Grade A turkey breast, 1.79/lb

Fresh Jennie-O turkey, 1.39/lb

FREE boneless Private Selection turkey breast (2.5lb) when you buy American Chef boneless ham (4lb) for $17.96 ($4.49/lb)

Private Selection or Gold Crest frozen hen 12-14lb, $8.00 ea with card and $35 purchase ($5.00 when you also buy 4 Coca-Cola 12pks or 6pk of 16.9oz bottles)

Private Selection or Gold Crest frozen tom 16-20lb, $10.00 ea with card and $35 purchase ($7.00 when you also buy 4 Coca-Cola 12pks or 6pk of 16.9oz bottles)

Save $3 off ANY frozen holiday turkey purchase wyb 4 Coca-Cola 12pks or 6pks of 16.9oz bottles.


Honeysuckle White turkey breast (frozen, bone-in), 1.29/lb

Lee’s Market

Frozen bone-in whole turkey, .77/lb

Peterson’s Marketplace

Frozen bone-in turkey breast, 1.29/lb

Ad has a $1.00 off coupon for Norbest Tender-Timed Young Turkey


Deal – Save $5 on ANY size of frozen or fresh turkey wyb (4) 12pks or 6pks (.5 liter) of Coca-Cola products [which are 4 for $11 this week]

Norbest frozen hens or toms 10-24lbs, .88/lb (limit 2)

Norbest FRESH hens or toms 10-24lbs, 1.88/lb

Grade A frozen turkey breast 7-9lb average, 1.99/lb

Norbest Family Tradition or Free Range turkey 10-24lb, 2.19/lb

Sunflower Farmers Market

all-natural free-range turkey (does not state fresh or frozen), 1.47/lb

Buy Low

frozen turkey, .79/lb

Don’s Meats (Sunset)

fresh turkeys, .99/lb


Norbest frozen whole turkey, .19/lb with $150 purchase

Norbest fresh whole turkey, 1.58/lb


Harmons –

Harmons sliced ham bone-in, 2.49/lb

Hormel Cure 81 boneless ham, 3.99/lb

Macey’s –

WF spiral sliced ham, 1.89/lb

Fresh Market –

WF spiral sliced ham, 1.89/lb

Smith’s –

John Morrell spiral sliced bone-in, 1.99/lb

American Chef boneless, 4.49/lb

Cook’s shank portion, 1.19/lb

Ridley’s –

Farnland boneless, 1.69/lb

Hormel Cure 81 boneless, 3.48/lb

WF spiral sliced, 1.88/lb

Albertson’s –

shank portion smoked bone-in, 1.49/lb

Albertson’s spiral sliced half ham bone-in, 2.59/lb

Sunflower Farmers Market –

spiral cut bone-in, 2.49/lb

SuperTarget –

Archer Farms spiral-sliced honey ham, 1.89/lb (limit 2 per guest)

Thanks, One Cheap Chick and Candi!



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