Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill ~ Caesars Palace

Gordon Ramsay has 3 restaurants in Las Vegas –
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BurGR in Planet Hollywood, Steak in the Paris, and the Pub and Grill in Caesars Palace. All of them opened within the past year and offer different dining experiences. His Pub and Grill was a highlight on my recent girls trip to Vegas. The food was soooo good, I just had to share! We had reservations for 7 pm on Friday night and there were still plenty of open tables in the pub when we arrived.

My friend Marcie got the Braised Pork Belly ~ stewed leeks, fava beans, fig chutney, lemon-thyme pork jus (shown above). I had the Flat Iron Steak ~ mustard basted, red onion puree, stilton cheese and the Smashed Fingerling Potatoes ~ double cream, butter, black truffle. I have to tell you that I can eat, but I couldn’t finish my whole dinner (and I was really hungry from driving all afternoon). In fact, none of us could. The portion size was substantial for a restaurant of this kind, and the food so rich that we just couldn’t eat it all. And those fingerling potatoes are to die for. I might just send my cook daughter down there to get a job just to learn how to make those things!

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My other friend Sarah had the Sauteed Scottish Salmon~ braised fennel, chanterelle mushrooms, asparagus, lemon vinaigrette and the Sauteed Asparagus ~thyme, confit tomatoes, lemon zest. They actually peel the asparagus so there is no bitter taste. Our waiter Alex was a cutie (Hey Alex -). He knew the menu in detail and the service was impeccable. While this meal wasn’t the easiest on the pocket book (entrees average $26 – $48 and the sides $11) it was well worth it. If you are worried about the pocket book, decline the sparkling water ($9 per bottle) – just stick to an entree and side. Most of these menu items take all day to create – as told to us by Alex. There is a lot more labor put into them than meets the eye making the price tag a lot more digestible (aren’t I the funny one). This will definitely be a stop on our future girl trips (anyone out there want to join us?)

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