Good cupcakes, Giggles, and Gals…

I recently attended a Cupcake Cooking Class at Thanksgiving Point. Can I just say…
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YuM to like the hundredth power!  The class was taught by the very talented Sara Voortmeyer.  Sara was so lovely and a person that you can easily relate to.  She’s a mom, she’s a gifted baker, wonderful teacher, and so down to earth.  I wish I could take her and all her baking expertise and put it into a pop out cookbook … if I could … I would sell them and it wouldn’t just be my cupcakes that would be rich 😉

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I learned fun baking tips, amazing recipes, and ate up a sugar storm!  Not only was the class, the cupcakes, and the smells fantastic, but so was the company.  There were some fun momma bloggers in da’ house!  A few of these ladies have blogged about the brilliant night:

Marcel Walker

The Crafting Chicks

Make it Work Mom’s

Thanksgiving Point offers all kinds of cooking classes and fun events year round.  I have had the opportunity to check out some of them and I’ve never been disappointed.  Check your calender, check Thanksgiving Point’s calender and go have yourself a rewarding (meaning you get to eat all the great stuff you learn about) culinary experience!

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