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Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Looking for gluten free mac and cheese? Don't mess with rice noodles, try this recipe for quinoa mac and cheese instead!

I miss mac and cheese. Like, the really good macaroni and cheese that's baked in a pan and contains your entire fat intake limits for the week.

In honesty, since having to convert to my gluten free lifestyle, I don't think I've tried a replacement. That changes tonight. Check it:

Gluten Free Mac and Cheese with Quinoa

Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

While This recipe might not necessarily meet my requirements for insane amounts of calories induced by unhealthy ingredients, I still embrace it for it's potential for deliciousness (and maintain my right to add unholy amounts of cream in place of non-fat milk etc.).

If you are not on the gluten-free bandwagon, you can add Panko Bread crumbs to the top of this dish. You can also throw some gluten free breadcrumbs on this dish. I haven't tried those breadcrumbs in any recipes yet, but may bust a move. (I have however tried the graham style crumbs before - obviously not on mac and cheese - word to the wise they taste like dirt.)

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