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Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies

There are things we love. Then there are things we write about. Cake mix cookies and gluten-free baking fit into both.
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Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies Chocolate Chip recipe

There are the things we love. Then there are the things we write about. Cake mix cookies and gluten-free baking fit into both categories and we are committed to seeking out the best gluten-free recipes and trying them. When we began experimenting with gluten free cake mix cookies, we were thrilled at the results. I was absolutely amazed at how much these just tasted like standard cake mix cookies. I couldn't tell they were gluten-free and neither could anyone that tried them!

Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies

Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies Ingredients

  • 1 box gluten free cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted
  • Chocolate chips

Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies Method

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl whisk together the cake mix, eggs, and melted butter. Stir until combined.
  3. Fold in chocolate chips or m&m's. Use cookie scoop to equally scoop cookies onto baking sheet.
  4. Refrigerate for 15 minutes (skipping this step can result in cookies spreading).
  5. Bake at 350F for 10-12 minutes.
best Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies Chocolate Chip

There are a lot of little things one has to change in their culinary lifestyles to truly be gluten-free. In a lot of cases, you have to give up foods you love and enjoy because the alternative just isn’t worth it. Unfortunately, sometimes we immediately think that once we commit to being gluten-free, all baked goods are off the table. This isn’t true. We have to tweak our lives to be gluten-free, why can’t we tweak our recipes?

We’ve been testing out gluten free cooking for quite some time now and have stumbled across some awesome gluten free cookie tips.

  1. Reduce the baking temperature of the oven by a few degrees. The above recipe calls for 350 degrees which is typical for cake mix cookies. When trying a regular cookie recipe, don’t hesitate to lower the temp to around 325. Overbaking cookies makes them tough and hard. No one likes a cookie with over-browned edges.
  2. Use parchment paper or wax paper when rolling out the dough. When using gluten-free recipes, you are going to get a pastier, stickier dough. Because of that, rolling the dough is a pain.
  3. Let the dough rest. Once your dough is mixed, keep it in the bowl and place in the refrigerator and chill for an hour. Letting the dough rest in the fridge allows the fat to solidify and hold their shape better when baking.
  4. Only use a cooled cookie sheet. This should just be a standard cookie tip in general. It’s imperative that before you add another batch of cookie dough to throw in the oven that you make sure the cookie sheet has cooled. Why? The moment the cookie touches that warm cookie sheet, the cookie process (albeit a poor one) begins. The dough loses it’s form by spreading because of the warmth and this weakens the structure of the cookie. The structure of the cookie while baking is important.
  5. The Flour matters. There are a plethora of gluten-free flours to use to make cookies. This rule of thumb is the standard: the finer the texture, the better the cookie. With that in mind, use almond flour or rice flour. One could argue that the texture of a cookie made from these gluten-free flour options yield a better cookie. 
Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies Chocolate Chip

What Is The Best Gluten Free Flour For Cookies?

There are a handful of gluten free flour options that are ideal for baking cookies. Many are beginning to be available at popular shopping locations. Everyone we list here is available on Amazon.

Brown Rice Flour 

Rice flour is probably the most popular gluten-free flour option for a few reasons. First, the texture is extremely fine, light, fluffy and semi-gritty. It replicates other flours well. It’s most endearing quality is the mild flavor. If you use rice flour, you’re not going to get an overly ricey flavor in your baking. This is a good thing.

Coconut Flour 

Coconut flour is another ideal gluten-free flour for baking cookies. The natural scent and flavor of coconut is noticeable and depending on the recipe can be a great flavor pairing. Compared to other flours, coconut flour has more of a dense texture that absorbs more liquids. Because of this, you’re going to get a softer when baking with it. If you are going to use coconut flour as a gluten-free option, make sure you really like coconut because you are not going to be able to mask its flavor.

Almond Flour or Almond Meal

Almond flour is really close to rice flour in terms of texture, flavor, and popularity. The bonus of using almonds is the boost in fiber while at the same time it is also low in carbs. Almond flour is gaining popularity not only among the gluten-free crowd, but also the Keto and Paleo crowds as well. Out of the three listed here, almond flour is great for flat breads, cakes, and even cookies.

How Do You Make Gluten Free Cookies Less Crumbly?

There are four easy things you can do to make your gluten-free cookies less crumbly. These tips aren’t just limited to gluten free cookies either! They work for most cookie recipes!

Just slightly under bake the cookie. You still want the cookie to be baked thoroughly, but you’d be surprised how much chewier (less crumbly) your cookies will be by cutting the baking time a tad bit short.

Add a little more egg. Use a little caution with this tip. Start by adding just a single yolk or a single egg white to the recipe. If that doesn’t yield a chewier cookie, then just add a whole egg. But start small, test it, tweak it if necessary, test it, and then taste it.

Use dark brown sugar. If you’re using regular white, granulated sugar this might be the culprit for a overly crunchy, crumbly cookie. Try substituting brown sugar for granulated sugar in the recipe (or increasing the ratio of brown to white). And one more important tip about brown sugar, the darker the brown sugar, the chewier the cookie.

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Solid shortening. Notice we didn’t specify which kind of shortening. There’s a reason why using shortening at room temperature is better than melting. This has to do with the form and structure of the cookie when baking. If the cookie is flat and spread out on the baking sheet during the baking process, more cookie surface is receiving heat and more cookie is being baked at a higher temperature. Having a solid fat or shortening helps the dough maintain its structure.

Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies recipe

Can You Freeze Gluten Free Cookies?

Yes! You can freeze gluten-free cookies the same way you could freeze regular cookies. We have an awesome process detailed below.

1. Make your gluten-free cake mix cookie dough recipe but stop short of forming the doughballs and baking them.

2. Chill your gluten free cake mix cookie dough in fridge for about an hour or two. Let the dough firm up. You want those butters or oils to stabilize. You’re going to want to make sure it’s cold enough for the next step in the freezing process.

3. Using a cookie scoop (uniformity is important, we like a small ice cream scooper), scoop gluten-free cookie dough into balls and roll them so they are nice and round. Make sure they are equal in size and weight as much as possible. Warning! You will be tempted to eat this cookie dough 😉

4. Place each gluten free cake mix cookie dough ball on a cookie sheet (parchment paper is optional—they peel off rather easily after frozen). Don’t worry about having them huddled closely together. They won’t expand in the freezer like they do in the oven.

5. Put the cookie sheet with your evenly rounded cake mix cookie dough balls into the freezer for at least one hour until they are slightly frozen, but not super-frozen. The goal is for the cake mix cookie dough balls to maintain they’re shape for the next step.

6. Gently remove the frozen cookie dough balls off the cookie sheet and place in a Ziploc bag (or other strong freezer bag brand). Place the frozen cake mix cookie dough balls into the freezer. Important: Write the date on the bag, along with how long to cook, and what temperature.

7. How long can you freeze gluten-free cake mix cookie dough balls? The quicker you use them, the better the cake mix cookie. Don’t go more than 3 months. After that time, the quality of the cake mix cookie really declines.

8. To bake after frozen, just place the frozen cake mix cookie dough ball on a cookie sheet, let them come to room temperature (about 20-30 minutes), then bake according to the instructions that came with the original recipe or what is listed on the freezer bag. 

Hey, do you have a baking cookie problem? All right, well, lots of people do. Can we talk frankly about it for a minute? What’s going to happen if your cookie problem continues? What if you can’t help it and it continues to be a thorn in your side?

Now, that’s pretty bleak. But, I want to ask you something else. What would happen if we got this handled? What would your life be like if you could make the most delicious cookies with half the ingredients half the time and half the effort? What would your life be like if you didn’t hesitate or feel anxious every time that recipe rested on the counter-top staring back at you? What would your life be like if you stopped worrying if your neighbors liked your cookies and instead knew they loved them?

So, all you need to do is check out our monster recipe list of the best cake mix cookie recipes you can find on the web. We got you covered.

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