GFCFSF, Winging It


I'm a Mom of a 3yo PDD-NOS boy, and we adopted the GFCF (gluten and caesin free) diet in November. Because of allergy issues, we're also soy, corn, and peanut free.
Most of my recipes I've come up with with what I have on hand.


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Bread It!

Ready to take it up and above chips and dip?

Oui French Yogurt by Yoplait-3

The Best 15 Minutes of My Day (It's Snack Time)

Let me introduce you to your new favorite food obsession. Yes, I said “food obsession” —you know, the food items that you’re SO EXCITED about, that you plot and plan when you’ll enjoy them next.

Big Chief Little Chief

If you're a mom who's had to battle food allergies with your kids, we think you'll find something in common with Chelsea's journey at Big Chief Little Chief.