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Get Out Of The Dinner Rut For Good!

Beach blankets are being replaced with book bags and the free-wheeling summer days will give way to the familiar routines of fall. Make life easy on yourself by simplifying your dinner time routine with Relish!
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Meal planning just got a million percent easier. And cheaper.

Until we can all afford our own personal chefs and rid ourselves of the 5 o’clock “what’s for dinner” panic, the next best thing is easily Relish!, a fabulous meal-planning service that is ideal for busy parents.


This ingenious, easy to use (really), mom-run website gives you the tools you need to make healthy, creative and quick meals every week. Our staff includes several Relish! users that swear by their crock pot recipes, but Relish! is SO much more than crock pot cooking. You pick from a ton of excellent tested recipes, a very cleverly organized grocery list is automatically created, then all you do is hit the store for five days worth of home-cooked meals--not one of which takes more than 30 minutes to prepare.

You'll find a whole lot to choose from including vegetarian menus, healthy lunches, gluten-free, seasonal treats, and kids faves that don't include the word "nugget."

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For subscriptions as low as $6 a month, you'll end up with five complete dinners for a family of four running you less than $85. Between the money savings and the angst savings, we say you're coming out way ahead.

Sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription and Relish! will mail you a fabulous silicone spoonula

from Crate and Barrel. Just enter the word TodaysMama at checkout and they’ll send it to you for free.

You can also enter to win Crate & Barrel gift certificates and a 1-year subscription to Relish! on, hurry - contest ends August 30th.

Happy Eating!



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