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Get Acquainted with Japan

When I asked my boys what country they wanted to learn about this month, Japan popped out of their mouths.
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Japan huh, OK, perfect I thought. The week before we had gone to see Emperor’s New Clothes at The Children’s Theatre. It’s a comedy based on the tale by Hans Christian Andersen as retold in Japan. The kids were laughing through the whole performance.

This week we followed the play up by learning more about Japan. I came across this great website for kids. We learned about the history, food, housing, and culture of Japan.

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We tried sushi and tempura. We even ate with chopsticks, which I found amusing.

These two were the ninjas of the chopsticks!

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We had a blast making origami frogs. They are now our new pets!

It was really neat to learn about Japan’s traditions and customs, hopefully someday we will be able to visit!


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