Garlic Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pickled Garlic Mayo Dip

I don’t know why I didn’t buy brussel sprouts for years and years.
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Maybe it was the memories of the way my Mom (sorry Mom) served them; kinda plain and mushy and with that brussel sprout taste.

Then suddenly, a while back, I had a craving, OUT OF THE BLUE , for brussel sprouts. It could have been Pinterest working it’s magic on me, because the food boards there are mighty powerful. I’m sure I pinned a recipe for balsamic brussel sprouts. I may have even licked the screen. Then I pinned one for garlic brussel sprouts and I knew I had to grab some at the store. That day. So I decided to make roasted  garlic brussel sprouts with a spicy garlicky dip and that was it: I was hooked.

So here’s a super simple recipe, heavy on the garlic, the way I like it, but feel free to adjust to your liking.

What you need:

1 bag packaged brussel sprouts- washed, ends trimmed and cut in half

Olive Oil

Salt and pepper

A few garlic cloves (I used about 7 total)

Mayo (about 6  tablespoons)

Pickles (garlic kosher dills are great but any kind will do. I only had hamburger dills tonight and it was perfectly delicious)

A fresh lemon to squeeze or lemon juice, about a teaspoon


Chop garlic into large pieces. I don’t mince, I don’t make baby pieces, I’m no chicken. I like nice  BIG slices from a large clove. Use at least 3 cloves to taste.

Mix garlic with the cut brussel sprouts in a roasting pan.

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Drizzle with olive oil. and by drizzle, I should say “heavy rain” instead. Coat them all well with oil but no so much as to form a lake they sit in. Add salt and pepper.

Roast in 400 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes, stirring once until nicely caramelized and browned.

Meanwhile, put about 6 tablespoons mayo  in a small bowl, Squeeze about 1/4 lemon on it and add in diced pickles and 1 more clove chopped garlic- yes, here I cut(dice)  them quite small. Stir well and serve as dip, or if you prefer, mix a spoonful or 2 lightly over a plate of brussel sprouts.

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Don’t those look amazing? These are not your Mom’s brussel sprouts!

I served them with grilled chicken sandwiches on toasted rolls and used the rest of the garlic mayo dip on the sandwiches. It was YUMMY

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