Nestle’s New Creation Will Make Your Funfetti Dreams Come True - Today's Mama

Grab your spatulas, people! IT'S GO TIME. 

Nestle Toll House has created Funfetti chips—vanilla cake-flavored morsels with Funfetti sprinkles.


Funfetti Chips

Normally, I’m a purest. Give me semi-sweet chocolate or give me nothing. (Except for Rachael’s Chocolate Chip cookies that use both semi-sweet and white chocolate. You can give me those by the fistful.) 

The Very Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Kids are going to love these!

And, as a mom, I love being able to spend about $3 to blow my kid's minds by adding them to cookies, brownies, pancakes...even actual cake!

A Funfetti cake with Funfetti chips baked inside. WHOA.

A chocolate cake with Funfetti chips baked inside. YES. BETTER.

A Funfetti cake mix cookie with Funfetti chips. FUNFETTI BLISS UNLOCKED.

Funfetti Cookies

Word on the street is that Funfetti chips will be hitting store shelves in August. Perfect timing for after you’ve perfected your sourdough bread-making like the rest of the internet.

Need a bit more inspiration?

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