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Full Fruit Perfection, Delivered

Today is my first day back at work after having been on maternity leave for the past eight weeks.
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Returning to work after vacation is hard enough, but after a baby – it is excruciating.  Not only do I have “mommy-brain” and stiff fingers from having not been at a keyboard for some time, my pants are tight, my desk drawers have no snacks in them and I’ve got a packed day with no room in it for a break.  Just when I think I may crack, in walks Jordan Riley, the proprietor of Nature’s Sweets.  Instead of the standard office place candy bowl, we have a fruit basket delivered each week from Nature’s Sweets, and by Friday it is empty.  Jordan and his team deliver fresh, delicious fruit to businesses as far north and Brigham City and south to Nephi.  Their bounty of apples, cherries and peaches hail from third generation farmers in Payson; our basket is full of bananas and pears as well this week.  A small basket starts at $15 and includes between 20-30 pieces of fruit; they would be happy to accommodate your office of any size.  Half the battle of eating fruit for me is convenience; what I might happen to have on hand is a badly bruised banana or a rubbery apple that’s day has since past.  With Nature’s Sweets, all the hassle has been taken care of.  Call Jordan at 801-592-4709 or shoot him an email at for more information.  Get this – they even drive natural gas vehicles.  A basket full of perfect, in my opinion.

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