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Food Allergy Friendly Holiday Treats

I love all the holiday treats coming my way.
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But Thanksgiving through Christmas is a minefield for my lactose intolerant daughter. She is only 7 years old but she has to tell people all the time that she can’t eat their lovingly made treats. She has learned from experience that it is just not worth it.  I feel bad for her. There are so many foods and treats that are full of butter and cream and milk products. Almost every cookie recipe has butter. I have had to learn to have other treats for her or make lactose free cookies and sweet breads just so she can join in on the fun. As a side note, bless those moms that know of her allergy and have a candy cane or piece of candy she can eat set aside for her.

It must be even harder for parents with kids with other food allergies like nut allergies or gluten allergies. Flour and nuts are the star of Christmas baking.  It is hard to have a kitchen full of delicious looking goodies that dance through the holidays like beautiful sugarplums and then have to have children resist those sugar plums. And so for all you parents of kids with allergies, I have tracked down a few treat recipes for you.

First, I wanted to share my #1 Secret Weapon. I substitute this lactose free and gluten free, flax seed oil-based spread all the time in cookies and breads. There is little difference in the outcome, although your cookies may not turn out quite as fluffy.

Coconut oil and soy milk make good substitutions for milk in baking.

Lactose/Nut Free Cookies.

Jell-O Cookies

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Find Recipe here at pantryeats.blogspot.comTips for these cookiesFor Orange Creamsicle – use orange gelatin and 1/2 tsp orange extract (a little less for a less intense orange flavor)For Coconut Lime — Use lime gelatin and 1/2 tsp coconut extract (more for more coconut flavor)For Christmas colored cookies use Strawberry or Cherry gelatin.

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Gluten Free/Lactose Free Peanut Butter  Cookies

Source: via Rachelle on Pinterest

Gluten Free Tip: Just make sure you use an all natural peanut butter in order to ensure your cookies are gluten free. Trader Joe’s also has a good all natural peanut butter.

More lactose free treats:

Double gingerbread Snap cookies from Big Girls Small Kitchen

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

More Gluten Free Treats

Gluten Free Sugar cookies and Chocolate Macaroons

Stuffed marshmallows for roasting

What is your favorite go to allergy free treat for your kids?


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