Fast and Healthy Fall Snacks for Weekends

Fast and Healthy Fall Snacks for Weekends
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Nothing says Fall like a Saturday on the go at a local festival or kids sporting event and then coming home to light a blazing fire and have family game or movie night. Or what about Sunday? It’s endless hours of Football in many houses, where the family gathers and the friends stop over and the appetites are ravenous. Rather than having boring unhealthy bags of chips or plain carrot sticks, you can make some super simple and creative healthy fall weekend snack recipes in a flash.

Here are 6 delicious , fast (and relatively healthy) ideas:

Oven Fried Broccoli Bites- 4 ingredients , easy to make and quick to serve. I’ve made these a dozen times already and experiment with different dips each time, but my kids love ’em plain and that’s good by me! Make a double or triple batch and you’ll see them flying by the handful, I promise. Here’s the recipe 

Layered bean dips- Dips are just wonder foods aren’t they? Mix a few ingredients together and savor all the creamy goodness. Sour creams and mayos can be fattening and definitely lack fiber. Try a white bean dip, or a hearty pinto bean one, layer with salsa and toss a handful of jalapenos on for spice. Serve with pita wedges, fresh veggies, crackers or chips.  A nice idea is to get wide top plastic cups and make individual dips so there’s no worry about germ sharing and those dreaded double dippers. Doesn’t this warm bean dip look delish? How about this lovely 3 bean dip? So awesome looking, I’m drooling, You can get very creative or very simple with dips. And who doesn’t love dips?

Fries- Regular, zucchini and sweet potato. I make all 3 at the same time for variety. Cut potatoes into sticks, toss in olive oil and steak seasoning or oregano and cook at 400 for about 25-35 minutes, tossing once. Look at these yummy sweet potato fries! For the zucchini, you can cut into rounds or sticks and coat in bread crumbs with a bit of parmesan and salt and pepper. They will only take 15-20 minutes to crisp up. See some great zucchini fries here

Chili -What is easier than making a huge pot of chili in the morning and letting people self serve themselves all day in bowls or in coffee mugs? All you need is a plate of shredded cheese as a topping (or a jar of jalapenos if you’re like me). Buy pre-shredded to save time and make easier clean up.  Search the keyword “chili” on Pinterest for tons of boards with creative cooking ideas. Or go simple with meat, canned tomatoes, beans and chili flavoring. That’s it. Cornbread on the side and you’ve got some happy campers. I’m a bigger fan of chicken chili- check out this chipolte chicken chili

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Buffalo Cauliflower”Wings”– Not just for vegetarians, these are a HOT and healthier version of chicken wings and I’ll bet even your die-hard wing fans will eat them. I found this delectable recipe online and wanted to share. I’ve made them several times and although they can be a bit more time consuming than some easier recipes, it’s still only under 30 minutes it you don’t count heating the even. Go veggie value!  Here’s a link to my Pinterest Board where I have it pinned. Just click the picture to go to the recipe

Chicken Sausage in honey mustard sauce– Healthier than its pork cousin, chicken sausage has become very popular recently. Simply mix  honey with a nice spicy mustard until to your taste.(or you can buy jarred) and simmer 1/2 inch slices of sausage in the honey mustard for 30 minutes. You can buy packages of sausage in the grocery store that are pre-cooked so all they need is warming. Serve on a platter with toothpicks or mini forks. I’ve made this with kielbasa and smoked sausage and it was always a hit!


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