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Family Camping Meals

We’re gearing up (literally) for camping season with my family.
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What’s the best AND worst part about family camping? Meals.

Cooking can seem time consuming and challenging when you’re away from home. My kids may think they’ll want a hot dog for every meal, but I’m out to prove otherwise.

With some advanced planning, I’m certain we will be stocked, prepped and well fed. My cooking tools include a double-burner camping stove and a traditional fire pit.

Here’s my plan for our family camping meals:

Day 1 – Arrive & Set Up Camp

Dinner: Grilled Marinated Turkey Tenders on a Stick, Tin foil Corn on the Cob – Elote style & Fruit Kabobs

Everything has a handle and can be prepped at home ahead of time. We leave the husks on and wrap the slathered corn with foil to cook in the fire pit. Kids make their own kabobs from assorted cut fruit.

Day 2 – Out & About

Breakfast: Boiled in a Bag Omelets, Hash browns & OJ

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Omelet fixing are thrown into a zip-top bag with up to 2 eggs. Kids can help mix everything together. Place bag into pot of boiling water on stove with top of bag draped over the edge of the pan. Flip bag after 5 minutes and cook other side. Omelets slide out like little pillows. Tidy Mom shares more details.

Lunch: PB&Js, carrots and dried apple slices for the trail

Dinner: Tin foil pouches with Sausage and Vegetables from SimpleBites, Rolls on a Stick

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Dessert: Banana Boats loaded with chocolate chips, toffee bits, marshmallows, caramel bits, coconut and peanuts. Add the nuts after removing from the coals as hot nuts will burn your mouth. (Yep, we learned this the hard way.)

Day 3 – Heading Home

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Pancakes with Southern Style Honey Butter

My goal is to pack one cooler for meals and one for drinks. We have one Pantry Bag for snacks which may be replaced with this sweet piece of equipment – The Sherpa Table & Organizer Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer. My husband dreams of adding dutch ovens to our supply list.

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Will all of these meal ideas make it to our campsite? My guess is we’ll be stocked and ready. It may just all come down to the weather.

What are you camp kitchen essentials? Have a must-have family camping meal to share?


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