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Eppa SuperFruit Sangria Made From Organic Fruit

Memorial Day weekend my drink of choice was the new Eppa SuperFruit Sangria
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Image placeholder title It was like a beautiful explosion of fruit juices that just seemed to complement each other so well. I had to remind myself that it was indeed 8.5% alcohol.

Eppa SuperFruit Sangria is the first sangria on the market that is loaded with real luscious, ripe fruit juice, resulting in almost twice the antioxidants of red wine and fewer than 120 calories for a 5 ounce serving. It’s crafted in northern California at the foothills of Duncan Peak in Mendocino County. Organically grown Mendocino Cabernet and Syrah are blended with a unique combination of organic juices including pomegranates, blueberries, Mediterranean blood oranges, acai berries, and citrus essences.

Eppa SuperFruit Sangria can be found in Whole Foods throughout Texas for only $11.99 for a 750 mL bottle! In my opinion, it is well worth the money. Even if you are not a wine lover, you will love it. It’s such a refreshing, fun beverage that is perfect for a hot summer’s night.

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We went to great lengths to develop a proprietary blending technique that allowed for the creation of a superior quality sangria made with real fruit juices and not just added flavors,” says Britt West, Co- Founder, Eppa Wine Company.  “Our efforts have paid off with an amazingly great tasting sangria, which is leaps ahead of anything else available in the market place.”

About Eppa Wine Company:

Eppa Wine Company is an independent wine company dedicated to creating innovative wine brands that are unique and facilitate living life to the fullest. This means crafting premium quality, great tasting wine products that have something new to say. Our intent is to bring passionate people together that have a zest for life and appreciate celebrating good times with friends and family. Enjoy those moments with our first offering, Eppa SuperFruit Red Sangria ( Eppa!!


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