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A new section from Healthy features fast, frugal and eco-friendly recipes and information on how to eat healthy and avoid funky additives and pesticides in food. LOVE the “Eat Right on a Budget” section.



Healthy Food on the Go

Jenna Pepper from Food With Kid Appeal shares her favorite fast and frugal ideas for keeping the family fed while on the go.

Eat Just One More ā€“ Go Organic for Earth Day

Jade, chartreuse and emerald may not be the right hue for you, but green beans, spinach and peas will help you look ā€“ and feel - great! Adding just one more serving of daily vegetables, especially vitamin and mineral rich green veggies, is an easy way to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd and go green by eating organic.

Mango Somothie With Coconut Oil and Kefir

Healthy Mango Lassi

What's a lassi? A lassi is a sweet or savory Indian drink made from a yogurt or buttermilk base with water. It's just plain delicious.

The Healthy Apple

The Healthy Apple

Looking for a few new gluten free recipes along with more great ideas on clean and fresh foods? We're digging into The Healthy Apple!