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DIY Candy Cane Mason Jars – Great Gift Idea!

Are you looking for holiday gift ideas? How about holiday decor that doesn’t cost a fortune?
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Well, these Candy Cane Mason Jars are adorable, and you can actually make them in under 5 minutes and they cost less than a two dollars each!  Even less if you have some jars at home, or red or white spray paint 🙂

Here’s what you need to make Candy Cane Mason Jars:

  • Red and White Spray Paint – I used Rust Oleum Semi-Gloss, you can pick up a can at Walmart for under $4 each
  • Mason Jars – I got 12 at Walmart for under $9
  • Candy Canes or Hershey Kisses if desired
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Here’s how to make your Candy Cane Mason Jars:

  • Paint the entire jar white – I recommend doing this outside. I place half my hand in the jar while painting, it make sit easier for me to hold it. You may get messy, but the paint comes off easily enough with Mineral Spirits
  • Allow the jar to dry for at least 30 minutes
  • Spray a red “line” on the top and bottom of the jar
  • Allow jar to dry thoroughly
  • Fill jar with candy canes or red and silver kisses if desired
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These Candy Cane Mason Jars make for adorable decorations and Christmas gifts! Not including drying time, you will have this jar ready for gift-giving in under 5 minutes!

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I am making them and giving them to the kids’ teachers this season.  Teachers (or any lucky recipient of your adorable Candy Cane Mason Jar Craft) can eat the goodies inside and then they can reuse the jar! You can also fill the jar with a gift card or whatever you would like.

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Want to learn how to make all those precious Christmas Mason Jars? You can find the tutorials here.

Happy Holidays!


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