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DIY Baby Food: Quick, Easy & Eco-Friendly

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Like most parents, when it came time to start my daughters on solids, I headed to the baby food aisle of the store and loaded up on little jars of pureed produce and boxes of rice cereal. Years later, I read ‘Feeding Baby Green’ by Healthy Child Healthy World board member and pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene, and learned that I had been duped.

There’s no such thing as baby food!

“Baby food”, Dr. Greene tells us, is a myth. Commercial baby food was an invention of 20th century food corporations, enforcing the theory that babies need meals separate from the fruits, vegetables and seasonings the rest of the family consume. Pervasive advertising convinced mothers that good baby food was scientific, uniform, twice boiled, and sold in jars.

Even worse, the rice cereal parents lovingly spoon into their little babes’ mouths is nutritionally similar to super-fine white flour. Dr. Greene says it’s no wonder that kids are hooked on junk food when their first food is akin to Wonder Bread!

Join Dr. Greene’s White Out Now campaign and make your child’s first grain a whole grain. Check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s Brown Rice Baby Food recipe from Healthy Child’s Eat Healthy recipe archives to get started.

Or, it can even be easier. In ‘Feeding Baby Green,’ Dr. Greene says you can share an avocado or baked sweet potato as a first food. Just mash well with a fork and mix with a little breastmilk or formula and voila!

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Ready for more? Check out these easy and delicious baby food recipes:

The beauty of re-thinking and reclaiming baby food, is that you’re providing a much healthier beginning for your baby AND saving money AND reducing your impact on the environment AND laying a foundation for happier meal times because you can start your baby off eating foods you include in everyone’s meal.

No more playing short-order cook! The benefits are truly endless – so try it out!

Learn more:

  • Find a slew of recipes and tips for making food fast, fun, frugal and eco-friendly at Eat Healthy!
  • Join over 2,500 moms at our Easy Organic Living group on Baby Center! There are some great discussions about making baby food.

Submit your own recipe to help empower other parents!


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