Dinner With Julie


We would be remiss if we didn’t share a favorite food blog so close to Thanksgiving - but our basis for this share is based on Julie’s fondness for Hot Cocoa (or Hot Chocolate Bisque) because when gearing up for a long season in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to have a little mug o’ somethin’ on hand for the cook.


Nine for Dinner

Home economist shares complete menus, ideas for feeding a family, saving money at the grocery store and making it all come together in your kitchen.

Bring Back the Dinner Hour

Groundbreaking studies reveal family meals help kids thrive. Johnny is headed to the ball field, grabbing a burger on the way. Jane is at the computer, clicking through MySpace and eating a bag of chips. Dad is working late again. And Mom is harried as she idles at the drive-thru for another windshield meal. What's happened to the family dinner?


Get Out Of The Dinner Rut For Good!

Beach blankets are being replaced with book bags and the free-wheeling summer days will give way to the familiar routines of fall. Make life easy on yourself by simplifying your dinner time routine with Relish!