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Crockpot recipes that you can do!

Do you have a crazy after school schedule?
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Join the club! How on earth are moms supposed to have meals ready when you do not get to come home yourself in between work, soccer and dance class? Or, if you do get to come home, you have to sit and supervise homework (or serve as referee between all the kids sitting at the table doing the homework)?  Freezer meals and Crockpot recipes that you can do are the answer!

Here are some of my favorites to make ahead of time and freeze:

Jo Mama’s World Famous Spaghetti–My family’s favorite. I make it with have hot Italian sausage and half mild. It is great fresh and so easy to freeze. Thaw it for a day or two in the fridge and all you need to do is boil some pasta and serve with a salad.

Chili–I love this recipe from Taste of Home for Spicy Turkey Chili. You will not miss the beef in this one! As winter approaches, this is a great way to warm up.

We also freeze large batches of Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Red Beans, and white beans. These are easy because all you need to do is make rice to go with them.

Crockpot: I am in love with my crockpot!! There are so many great places to find recipes. Some you can bag up ahead of time and freeze, others I toss together the night before and then start in the morning. Here are some of my favorites:

The Crockin Girls have so many recipes that you are sure to find something you want to try. I recommend the Bacon Ranch chicken–but you might want to double the sauce recipe, it is too yummy! The chicken and dumplings were good too.

Ring Around the Rosies Freezer Cooking ideas–these are a cinch to bag and freeze to toss in the crockpot at the last minute.

If you Pinterest, there are enormous amounts of pins for more crockpot meals, especially soups for the fall.

Any kind of roast or beef cut is great in the crockpot. We are often gone for 10-12 hours a day, so chicken recipes seem to go too long, even with my crockpot that switches to warm. So I’ll cook up the chicken on Saturday while we are at soccer games or on Sunday after church while I’m running to the stores and getting ready for the week. It is still an amazing time saver and saves me from having to cook after a busy weekend. There is nothing like arriving home to amazing smells after a busy day!

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