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Creative Christmas : Food Gifting

I love to give gifts to people, especially when you find the perfect one that you just know is right for the person.
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However, as I look at my budget and the number of people that I want to give to, I find myself in a bit of a bind.  That’s where food gifting comes in for me.  It’s a way to give to lots of people without breaking the bank!  Here are the food gifts I am looking at for this year…

Snow Mix – We’ve given this in the past.  You can make LOTS and make it go far.  We also like to add popcorn, goldfish, and honeycomb cereal.  I usually don’t put in dried cranberries.

Bread – This is at the top of my list this year.  Friends, teachers, neighbors…they’re all getting some fresh, homemade bread.  My favorite (and easy) recipe is the ciabatta bread recipe found in Artisan Breads Every Day.

Apple Butter – To go with the fresh bread, my kid’s teachers are getting apple butter!  If you’ve never made apple butter before, don’t fear!  This recipe is so simple and fool proof, and your friends and family will love you for it!

Toffee – This looks absolutely divine (and easy)!

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Vanilla Extract – With all the baking I do, fresh, homemade vanilla extract sounds amazing!

Cookies In A Jar – Now I know you can buy these in a store but how cool would it be to put together your own.  I love this mix up from Bakerella, and I’m sure your loved ones would, too!  I’ve seen those 1 quart Mason jars at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  Both stores almost always have a 40% off coupon giving you some savings to go along with this goodness!

Potato Candy – Although this is very sweet, it’s also very unique!  I’m sure any kind of candy would be awesome to give as a gift!

Do you have a favorite food you gift at Christmastime?  If so, please share in the comments section!

This post is part of the Creative Christmas series.  Other posts in this series include Ornaments, Stocking Stuffers, and Gifting.  For more posts written by me, visit my personal blog, I Believe In Love.

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