Copycat “Shark Attack” Shirley Temple Drink Recipe

Your kids will love this drink!
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You can pair this fun drink with Finding Nemo or Jaws. Your choice! Sharknado for a family movie night anyone?!?

We first had these drink on a trip to the Outer Banks and the kids loved it!

Kid Friendly Shark Attack Drink Recipe

1/4 C. lemon-lime Soda (like Sprite)

1 1/2 TBLS grenadine

1 maraschino cherry


Pour lemon-lime soda over ice and garnish with cherry. Fill your plastic shark with grenadine and place it in the center of the drink. Let your kids pour the grenadine from the shark’s mouth and enjoy the squeals!

Where to buy plastic sharks for your Shark Attack drinks!

I searched far and wide and found these food safe sharks to help you serve your Shirley Temple “Shark Attack”!

From Amazon: $29.99, Amazon Prime Shipping, comes with 12 sharks, reusable

Image placeholder title $14.99, shipping not included, comes with 12 sharks, reusable

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