Chocolate Chip Cookies for my Cookie Monsters

Chocolate Chip Cookies for my Cookie Monsters
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I think everyone is in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe and, after the staple-from-my-childhood Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe failed at high altitude unless I added shortening, count me into that search. I pretty much love every recipe I’ve tried from this blog, and these rich, chewy, and big Chocolate Chip Cookies are no exception.

I’ve learned from baking and exchanging with friends over the years that there are many schools of thought on what constitutes a good cookie. Some like them brown and crisp, others won’t indulge unless the cookie is soft. Some must have nuts included, others are allergic, and me who just doesn’t care for them in most things. My preference is for a soft cookie, and I’ve been known to toss a crispy cookie in the trash to save the calories for something really good. These cookies fit that bill perfectly, as they’re slight crunchy on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside, with a rich, buttery, classic chocolate chip cookie flavor.

We’re going on a long camping trip in the mountains of Southern Colorado next week. I needed some cookies to take with us as a treat. They’ve also been known as barter to get a campground host on our side, to trade with another camper for a pantry staple that we forgot to pack, and finally to reign kids back to the campsite lest they get lost in the dark. One of my favorite tricks as a busy working mom is to freeze cookie dough, kind of like you buy in the store. I make the dough, and in this case form it into balls, then lay them on waxed paper on a baking sheet.

Homemade cookie dough-convenient variety!

Freeze the sheet overnight (you can cover it with foil if you want), then put the dough balls into a zip-top freezer bag.

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Writing the instruction on the bag means I don't need to pull out the recipe to bake a batch.

I write the baking temperature and time on the bag. Then, I am that mom who can have fresh baked cookies on the table at a moment’s notice. Or, bake a couple of dozen cookies while busily packing for our camping trip.

Of course we bake one sheet to officially taste them, and make sure they’re worth freezing and baking next time!

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My son was happy to be the "Official Delicious Taster" as it's known in our house for these cookies!