Chocolate and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate and White Chocolate Chip Cookies
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I love baking cookies, and I have since my Grandma Bogie showed me the art of making the perfect home made cookie right about the time I learned how to walk.  Growing up I didn’t know what a store bought cookie tasted like.  My friends in college used to beg me to bring back Grandma Bogie’s cookies. If I can make cookies half as good as my grandma’s someday, I will have accomplished a great feat.

I had some leftover white chocolate chips that I ended up not using during my holiday baking spree so I just decided to make a basic chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips with this recipe from the Food Network.

So simple yet so good. I had to stop making these as I found it hard to keep myself from eating them. My husband brought them to work where a co-worker told him they were the best cookie he has ever tasted (a little exaggerated but I will take it). These taste better a litte underdone (cook between 8-10 minutes) so feel free to take them out a minute early. Enjoy some scrumptious chocolate and white chocolate cookies!