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Caramel Apples

I made these caramel apples last year.
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They were super easy and yummy! This year I found a caramel recipe online and tried making my own. It was tons of work and didn’t come out as good. Next time I will definitely use the already made caramels in a bag like I did last year. I learned some other tricks since the ones I made last year also.


Caramel Bits (or you can make your own caramel from scratch)




*This time I used chopped walnuts and crushed Heath Bars. Some other good ideas are; crushed Oreos, other kinds of crushed candy bars (maybe Reese’s with a peanut butter sauce), sprinkles, and m+m’s. You could also drizzle chocolate sauce on top. What kind of toppings do you like on your caramel apples?


First, you want to prepare everything. Push the sticks into your apples to get them ready.

Apparently apples are wax covered now, because they look better and sell better that way. Caramel doesn’t stick very well to the wax. You get it off by dipping the apples in boiling water for a minute and then wiping them off. They don’t look as appetizing this way, but soon they will be covered with caramel and candy anyway.

The next step is crushing your candy or chopping nuts. If you are using candy bars, you can use a mallet and crush them while in their packaging. Anything else you can put it in a freezer bag and crush with a mallet or chop with a knife. Put you toppings on a small plate.

Next it is time to melt the caramel. If you are making it from scratch that works too, now is the time to make it. (And let it cool a bit before dipping the apples, I needed to do that, that’s why my caramel went on so thin!)

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If you are melting the bits, you can microwave them or melt them in a saucepan on the stove. In the microwave, stir them every 30 seconds- a minute. It only takes a few minutes. In the saucepan, heat on low and stir every little while also.

When the caramel is melted you can now dip your apples. Take them directly from the caramel to rolling them in your plate filled with the toppings.

Let it cool. Especially if you are putting the apples into cellophane bags, they need to be completely cooled.

An easy way to eat them and to share them is to cut them with an apple slicer. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it sooner!

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