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Buy it cheap and stack it deep!

When you think of food storage, do you automatically conjure up pictures of little silver packages of dried food?
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Do you imagine yourself adding bottled water to unrecognizable powdery substances….waiting for them to magically turn into chicken cordon blue, and lasagna?

Doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it? Food storage doesn’t need to be  unapetizing or unrecognizable. I am of the opinion that we should store food that our family enjoys and eats on a regular basis. You might be asking yourself….why do I need to have a food storage? Of what good can come with hoarding food? I will tell you of an experience I had shortly after I had my first baby some 12 years ago.

I saw a commercial where a young gal was working as a waitress. At the end of her shift she stuffs several handfuls of packaged ketchup into her coat pockets. When she arrives home to 4 small children she opens up all of the packages, puts them into a sauce pan with some water and heats them up. This is all she has to feed her family. All she has. A few handfuls of ketchup.

I can’t  even imagine the worry and stress that comes a long with this kind of hardship. While I watched this commercial with my new baby in my arms, I told myself I needed to get prepared. I needed to get educated about storing food and how best to feed my family. Twelve years and 5 children later I can honestly say that I find food storage to be a lot of FUN! You heard me, gals. It can be fun!  I have spent countless hours  learning how to shop for food, store food, cook fabulous meals, and bake heavenly creations. Jamie Cooks It Up! is my food blog where I share all kinds of great recipes and helpful tips. Today I’ll be sharing some basic things you can do to start getting your family prepared with food storage!

1.Get educated about food pricing. In Utah most of us receive the grocery store ads in our mail box on Monday and Tuesday. Make a point to read these ads each week. When something goes on sale, instead of buying one ….buy a case! Buy it cheap, my friends and stack it deep. Set aside a little bit of your grocery budget each month for storage items. Some of you might be overwhelmed with food pricing. It is indeed hard to know if something is a good deal unless you have been matching prices for a while. There are some wonderful websites you can access. Deals to Meals and Pinching Your Pennies are two great ones. Both these two sites post grocery store adds every week and give each product  a rating so you will know if things are a good deal, a great deal, or a “this is so cheap….stack it deep!” deal.

2.Many grocery stores in Utah have Case Lot Salesseveral times a year. My husband and I set aside a portion of our tax return so we have a chuck of money to spend at these sales. If you live close to a Peterson’s Market, they are having a case lot sale this week.

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One item I love to stock up on at Case Lot Sale is these wonderful seasoning packets. They are sold at all Associated Food Stores such as Harmon’s, Peterson’s, Reams, Lynn’s and Macey’s. At most case lot sales they are sold for 33 cents a package. That is cheap! I have created many wonderful recipes that use these packets. Here are a few links to some of these great meals.

Southwest Chicken

Pan Fried Chicken with Country Gravy

Chicken Enchiladas

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3 Learn how to bake. Fresh baked goods are very cheap to make, and are so much tastier than store bought baked goods. (In all honesty, I have yet to perfect an apple fritter, stay tuned!) You can become a wonderful baker with just a little practice. Oh do I have some wonderful posts in store for you regarding baking. These Quick and Easy Breadsticks are just one example of the great things that can be made with just a few simple ingredients.

4.Buy a freezer and buy meat on sale by the case. I just purchased several cases of boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.29 per pound. That is a steal! I also purchased a 15 pound case of bacon for $19. Another great price.

Getting educated about food pricing will be worth your time. You will save money and be able to start storing food for a rainy day. Don’t feel overwhelmed! You can do it! Just start with something simple, like reading the grocery store ads this week, or checking out one of the websites I mentioned. Or…when you at the store this week and ketchup happens to be cheaper than the last time you bought it, buy 2 bottles instead of 1. Obtaining a food storage can be accomplished a few cans at a time. I am thrilled to be writing for TodaysMama and sharing my knowledge about food and food storage. I have a lot of great things in store for you. See you back here again soon!


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