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Build Snacks The Healthy Way!

Build Snacks The Healthy Way!.
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If you haven’t been to the Washington State Dairy Counsel’s EatSmart nutrition education site, head there now. It is chock a block full of great resources to promote healthy habits at home and at school.  They have lots of free resources including downloadable handouts, power point slide shows, and suggestions for learning activities. Qualified health professionals and other nutrition educators (like your school nurse and P.E. teacher) can receive $20.00 of free educational materials each calendar year.

One of my favorite ideas is their Build A Snack handout, it’s a great tool to creating healthy snacks.  There is something that will appeal to even the pickiest eaters!  Print out the worksheet and let your child pick  a type of snack to create.  You can even take it to the grocery store and he or she can help you shop for the items.  Get your kids involved with choosing and creating their food and I guarantee they will eat it!  Well, I can’t really guarantee, I’ll say 99% of the time they’ll eat it…

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I know I am not the only mom that feels like snacks are all the kids really want.

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