Breakfast Smoothie Recipe


I had a BAD smoothie experience last week. I can knock back a green smoothie with the best of them, but this one was terrible. I actually dry-heaved about halfway through drinking it and had to toss it down the sink.

I think I over did it on the milled flaxseed, spinach, and greek yogurt. It tasted like sawdust and lawn clippings.

I’ve been wanting to update my smoothie recipe and shake it up a bit and after my awful experience I was happy to see this healthy breakfast smoothie recipe from Today’s Letters.

Image via Today's Letters

Image via Today's Letters

I used a juice medley that I already had in the fridge but this was delicious. I’ve always used a combo of yogurt and orange juice in my smoothies, but MAN, is Coconut Milk ever tasty!

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