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Biggest Blendtec Discounts and Deals!

Join Blendfresh for HUGE Blendtec Appliance Discounts!

Looking for a Blendtec coupon code or discount to save big on one of their bright and shiny blenders? Look no further. We've found a sweet Blendtec discount and something even better to go with it! {It's yummy and it pays you money}

Have you heard of Blendfresh?

Join Blendfresh for huge discounts on Blendtec blenders!

Here's how it works:

  • You join the Blendfresh Club for $35
  • You get access to BIG discounts on Blendtec appliances and exclusive deals (think over 60% off!)
  • You order a monthly stash of Blendfresh products to use with your bright and shiny blender (our favorite? The "Red" mix and the "Green" mix)
  • You can earn money by referring your friends!
Find out how to get HUGE discounts on Blendtec blenders! {More than 60% OFF!}

Check out the current Blendfresh discounts:

Blendtec Express Pro

Regular Price: $1521.69

Blendfresh Club Price: $621.69 {60% Discount!}

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Blendtec Express Pro Discount

Blendtec Express 

Regular Price: $616.50

Blendfresh Club Price: $216.50 {65% Discount!}

Blendtec Total Blender (Factory Reconditioned)

Regular Price: $294.95

Blendfresh Club Price: $114.00 {61% Discount!}

Blendtec Total Blender Discount

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to sign up!

Check out these Blendfresh Recipes:

Banana Berry Almond Butter Muffins {Gluten Free and SO YUMMY!}

Blendtec Express Pro Discounts and Blendfresh Club


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