Better Chocolate Options for This Halloween in the Bay Area

Put down the mini Snickers bar. Take your hand out of the bag of Reeses.
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I know the temptation is strong at this time of year, but do you really want to waste your daily calorie allotment on sub-par treats?

Come now. We’re grown-ups. We have mature taste buds. We should be rewarding them with candy that makes us close our eyes and groan with pleasure, not something that only contains a vague approximation of actual chocolate.

Odds are high that somewhere not too far away you can find some truly amazing hand crafted confections. Yes, they’re probably more pricey than that bag of mini treats you just opened. But I promise that you’ll need a whole lot less to satisfy your sweet tooth.

In the San Francisco Bay Area we are blessed with an abundance of chocolatiers. Each of which makes delectable treats. They might not take too kindly to a slew of trick-or-treaters descending on them all at once, but you can’t argue that a visit to a really great chocolate factory or a tour of some of these chocolatiers is a fun and tasty way to set the tone for your Halloween week!

Palo Alto seems to have more than their fair share of tasty chocolate. You can start at Timothy Adams Chocolate shop on Bryant Street and sample some mint chocolates or give in to your childhood fantasies and go for the rocky road.

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Timothy Adams Chocolates

Then pop over to Coupa Café on Ramona to see what the local entrepreneurs are dreaming up while you sample some spicy chocolates. Or, if your tastes run to the slightly more mature, make a date of it at the Chocolate Garage over on Gillman. Their chocolate isn’t just tasty, it’s responsibly sourced.

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The Chocolate Garage

Are you further north on the peninsula? No worries, we’ve found chocolate for you too!

In San Francisco you can never go wrong with a visit to Tcho on the Embarcadero where you can tour the facilities or just indulge.

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Tcho Chocolates

Or stop by Charles Chocolates on Florida Street and watch them make the chocolates right in front of you in their exhibition kitchen.

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Charles Chocolates

Over in Berkeley you can also splurge on some high end treats by stopping by Chocolatier Blue, a tiny place that doesn’t look like it could offer up these beauties, and yet does that and more!

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Chocolatier Blue

Do you have a favorite chocolate store? Leave a note on Findery and let us know!