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Best Sugar-Free / Low Sugar Popsicles

Sugar Free Low Sugar Popsicle and Fudge Pop options and favorites just in time for Summer!
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Whether you are quitting sugar or just trying to cut back, we've got a list of the sugar free and low sugar popsicles to keep stockpiled in your freezer this summer!

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As the mother of a diabetic we're constantly on the prowl for new fun treats that won't completely overload her with sugar and carbs. I'm not a huge fan of asparatame (it gives me a nasty headache) so we try to avoid it, meaning that most of these popsicles have some sugar in them. It's such a struggle to find treats that are both healthy AND taste good, so I tried to do the work for you and select the best sugar-free/low-sugar popsicles!

I headed to wal-mart because I wanted to list options that just about anyone could find anywhere. For the sake of variety I found a few of these brands at my local grocer as well but the majority should be easy to find, anywhere in the US. These are the few that I found:

The Fruity Ones

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​I was surprised at how few options there were for a good low sugar popsicle! My goal was to stay below 13 grams of sugar and outside of the straight-up sugar-free ones, that was a challenge!

These 4 pops made the cut:

1. goodpop (found at my local grocer)

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​These are obviously more of a specialty brand (I found them at my local grocer) and we voted them the most adult of all the fruity popsicles. My 8 year old was very much in love with them, but I worry that younger kids might not like the coconut texture. They boast a short, whole food ingredient list (bonus!) and they are vegan, gluten-free, kosher and dairy free. They're delicious and only 11g of sugar per pop!

2. Popsicle Sugar-Free Popsicles

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​I had to grab the one kind of fully sugar-free pop there was, popsicles sugar-free tropicals. I was surprised I couldn't find more fully sugar-free options, but maybe that's a good thing with all of the buzz around asparatame. I was also surprised that these tasted so good! I normally pick-up on the fake sugar flavor right away but these only had a hint of the aftertaste and weren't too bad. Each popsicle is 0g of sugar.

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3. Outshine Fruit + Veggie Bars

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​Between my two girls, this popsicle tied with another for best flavor. These bars are so yummy and they have veggies in them! The Mango medley is their favorite and this box of pops was the first to be empty in my freezer. Definitely a delicious win! Each bar is 8 or 9g of sugar.

4. Popsicle Fruit Pops

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​We are berry lovers in my family so these fruit pops quickly became the favorite. They have no artificial colors, a short ingredient list and they are so yummy with chunks of fruit. If your child struggles with textures, these particular flavors may not be for you with the seeds. There were several other flavors we didn't try, but based on these I'm sure they are delicious. Each popsicle is 7-8g of sugar.

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The Chocolatey Ones

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​I'm picky about my chocolate popsicles. They need to be creamy and have a nice mouth-feel. Being able to try all of these side-by-side turned myself and my 2 girls into very pretentious chocolate popsicle connoisseurs very quickly.

1. Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Bars

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​Weight Watchers seemed like the right place to start when it came to finding a "healthier" chocolate popsicle. We were unfortunately disappointed because the bar was kind of gummy with a bit of a weird aftertaste. The bars are only 13g of sugar and even have 5g of fiber.

2. Fudgsicle No-Sugar Added Fudge Pops

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​These fudgsicles were the only other pop with aspartame and had a chalkier consistency. They only have 2g of sugar per pop but they were smaller and skinnier than any of the other pops too and boast a LONG list of random ingredients. Not our favorite.

3. Creamies Reduced Fat Ice Cream Bar

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​Creamies have been a staple favorite summer treat around here, but up against some of these other bars they seemed very watery and not as sweet. Their consistency is also very firm which is great for little eaters because they don't melt as quickly, but not as much favorite for me. Creamies are 13g of sugar per bar.

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4. Breyer's Carb Smart Fudge Bar

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​These were a solid runner-up for favorite fudge bar. They are very creamy and taste like real ice cream in every smooth delicious way. Instead of aspartame, these are sweetened mostly with splenda and asulfame potassium and have 3g of sugar per bar. I was very surprised at how good the flavor was considering the sweeteners!

5. Skinny Cow Oh La La Chocolate Truffle Bars

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​Favorite! These bars have a nice dark chocolate flavor and they are so yummy and creamy. Each bar is 12g of sugar and won hands down in our taste testing! The fancy chocolate on top just made them extra fun.

There you have it, some favorite treats for summer! Have a favorite that didn't make the list? Let us know, maybe we'll need a round 2!

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