Best of Friday Roundup: Indians Are People Edition

Carina has the interesting stories and videos from around the web this week!

I love sending my kid to a neighborhood preschool. The teacher is wonderful, we absolutely love her and her gentle classroom. She's been doing it long enough that my very grown up brother also went to her preschool years ago. That being said, sometimes my kid comes home with anachronistic work that makes me giggle:

indians are people

"Indians are people - just like you and me! The only difference is the color of their skin."

I don't know how it managed to be both entirely innocent and cringe-worthy at the same time.

How about something a little more current? I was transfixed by this story of cultural bias and family-splitting incentives against native children in South Dakota's Crow Creek Reservation.

Did you have a crusty piano teacher growing up? I loved this story from The Hairpin of what happened to a kid on the way to and through his piano lesson.

Ever wanted to know more about why we observe Veterans Day? Here's a good primer.

Making paper poppies with your kids is a good way to observe Veterans and Remembrance Day. Here's why you make poppies on Veterans Day.

Thanksgiving invitations - Sure, it's mostly people you know coming to Thanksgiving next week, but it's never a bad idea to class up the joint with invitations for dinner.

You should think about not buying tomatoes in the winter.

Don't forget about Thanksgiving morning! Make this Baked Pumpkin French Toast from Simple Bites

Baked Pumpkin French Toast from Simple Bites

Baked Pumpkin French Toast from Simple Bites

A ridiculously heart-breaking video from a son about his mother. Three hanky warning:

My Friend Jason. from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.

(Thanks to @brawleyavalon for that one.)