Banookies – Simple No-Guilt Cookie Bites That Will Have You Addicted Fast!

My family thinks these little banana-chocolate chip cookie bites, AKA Banookies are holy -crap good!
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We had been googling easy recipes and came across a similar one with peanut butter but decided to make them without it (since one of my kids doesn’t love it). And all I can say is WATCH OUT! The more I make, the more I eat. I may have a problem.  But then again, there’s no butter, no flour and no sugar, so I don’t feel too guilty at all.

Chances are you probably even have these 4 ingredients around right now.

  • Quick Cook Oats (I prefer organic) About 1 cup but the actual consistency is your call based on the amount of banana. You’ll know when they look and feel firm enough.
  • Honey (I drizzle so I’d say about 2 teaspoons)
  • Ripe bananas (use 1 medium large for this recipe or double it for more)
  • Chocolate Chips -baking semi-sweet or dark chocolate- as many as you’d like

Here’s the deal — simply mash the ripe banana, add the oats and chips, drizzle with honey and then get messy by squishing and mixing and forming either balls (harder) or lumps(my style) or flattened balls like my kids made here. Make them the size of mini donut holes. Any way you make them, trust me, they will taste great!

Drop on lightly oiled baking sheet

Bake at 350 for about 12-15 minutes until lightly browned

That’s it!

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We prefer to eat them warm while the chips are gooey but room temp is DELICIOUS  too!

And here’s the (other)fun part- you can experiment with different options and add-ins like I’ve done MANY TIMES in the past week or two (but don’t call me obsessed or anything). I’ve added 1/4 cup mashed avocado to add healthy mono-unsaturated fat (I told the kids afterward), a sprinkling of cinnamon(good for blood sugar control), peanut butter chips instead of chocolate chips or how about even adding some finely chopped walnuts?  But you don’t have to. Seriously, just get the 4 main ingredients and mix them up and in 12 minutes you will be ~~stuffing your face~~ delicately eating them off a pretty plate while sipping tea. Aw, heck, grab the milk and GO!

Please come back and tell me how you liked your banookies! Wanna hear something pitiful? I though I coined the word Banookies and was so pleased with myself, I walked around all day thinking about Banookies, singing Banookie songs, dancing the Banookie Boogie…then I googled it. Ok, so I wasn’t the first to come up with Banookies. But maybe I was in the top few creative minds to think of such a fun name? Hey,YA NEVER KNOW!

If you’re feeling really footloose and fancy free and want to get the kids doing everything you ask them to (extra hugs too!), you can even serve them as breakfast on a special day. After all: Oats, honey, banana, some chips. Add flax seed if you want to give yourself the pat on the back for creative homemade breakfasts.

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