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Avocado Smoothie Recipe

For Christmas, one of our relatives gifted us with a box of clementines and avocados.
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They’re both delicious, but we had to eat them before they spoiled.  We had no problem gobbling the clementines – they peeled so easily and were so sweet (even for the pickiest eaters).

I used a few of the avocados for my homemade guacamole (just mashed up avocado, pepper and diced red onions with a can of Rotel), but I still had plenty left over to devour.

Quickly, I looked up an avocado smoothie recipe (see below) and put it to good use. In fact, we’re all out of avocados!

– One peeled and chopped avocado

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– 1/4 cup of lite vanilla yogurt

– 1 cup of nonfat milk

– 2 tbs of honey

– 1/2 cup of ice

Put all ingredients in blender, pour and enjoy! Yummy!

– Cool Playground Mommy


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