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Aldi is Now Open In Little Elm!

I am pleased to announce that the new Aldi is now open in Little Elm!
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Yesterday was the grand opening of the 18,000-square-foot store at Cottonwood Crossing at FM 423 and Little Elm Parkway, across from Kroger. It is very close to the edge of Frisco. I am so excited, as I am a very frugal grocery shopper. The deals are amazing!

The samples are tasty, the deals are unheard of and the service is to die for! They’ll welcome you by giving you a free quarter for your cart (see explanation below), they are giving away chocolate, quesadillas, and more throughout the store. If you don’t have a $5 off coupon they’ll give you one at the register, off of a $25 purchase.

In order to get a cart you must insert a quarter into the slot which detaches the cart from the others. This is such a smart and cost-effective idea on how Aldi handles their shopping carts. There is no need for their employees to spend valuable time gathering carts from the parking lot, as you will want to return the cart to get your quarter back. It also reduces Aldi’s risk of car claims that carts have damaged customers’ parked cars.

The items that Aldi sells are also 100% price controlled as they are all Aldi brands. Don’t let this fool you. The quality is just as great as the other brands you’d find at Kroger and such. I actually prefer to shop here as there aren’t 4,000 different options of cereal to choose from. It’s easier and makes it much faster to get in and out.

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Very important tip: You have to pay with your debit card or cash. They do not take credit cards, another way to reduce their costs. Also, bring your own shopping bags. Yesterday, being the first day, they were giving bags away but this will end soon. They have found ways to reduce their cost and they pass the savings on to you.

My shopping adventures are pictured above! The best deal of the day: a Quesadilla Maker for $6.99! This regularly sells for around $30! The entire shopping trip of mine, pictured above, cost me a grand total of $21.07, after my $5 discount. Here’s a picture of my receipt to prove it!

Visit Aldi, bring cash or don’t forget your debit card pin, bring your own grocery bags. Save money and enjoy grocery shopping again!

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