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Adventures in Eating–Big Papa’s in Rowlett!

In an effort to curb the whining associated with choosing a restaurant, we have instituted a “picking order”.
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So far we have frequented our Jason’s Deli and the local Chinese buffet. Friday night was my daughter’s pick, and she chose the new restaurant right down from her dance studio, Big Papa’s Burgers, Bluebell & BBQ. It is just down from the corner of Rowlett Road and Hwy 66 where the old Dickey’s BBQ used to be. The inside is very similar, but they have added an adorable General Store area with the little toys and candies that General Store’s are known for. Blackjack gum? They have got it, along with a rubber band gun and other toys.

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The menu has your basic burgers and such, along with a few oddities like the Elvis burger. We tried krabby patties (kids 1/4 hamburger), french fries, the classic Big Papa’s with cheese and one with bacon, onion rings, and the grilled chicken plate with mashed potatoes, corn and salad. The wait for the food was a little long for a Friday evening with three kids and a hungry mama, but the food was a hit with everyone. You add your own fixings from a bar, so we were able to cater to the varied tastes of our picky children without the usual struggle when ordering.

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The dessert choices really make this place stand out though. My kids all tried the Superman Blue Bell ice cream–vanilla flavored ice cream that is is bright yellow, red and blue. I mean BRIGHT!  Crayola crayon colors! They enjoyed the experience and they also got to try mom’s Elvis Sundae…a miraculous concoction of bananas, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate! It is HUGE, so plan to share!

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