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A Pattern for a Salad

I know. Yesterday I was all, THIN MINT TRIFLE FOR EVERYONE!

But I’m now a poster-child for moderation, people. I haven’t always been, but I’m learning. The occasional treat is great, but we’re big believers in the daily salad at our house.

But the path to moderation can kill the imagination a wee bit. I keep buying the same five veggies each week and serving up the same garden salad night after night with dinner.

Sometimes I think I’m killing our dinnertime joy. This has to stop. And also, it’s getting warmer. In a few months the thought of turning on the stove or oven is going to slay me so I’m on a mission to de-rut our salads and embrace the dinner salad.

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This thoughtful post from Word of Wisdom Living offers a great “pattern for salad” breakdown.

Image via Word of Wisdom Living

Image via Word of Wisdom Living

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