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A Nut for Coconut Twix & M&Ms & Rolo McFlurry – summer time treats!

Lately, Dallas’ weather has really warmed up which means it’s time for some summertime treats!
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Aside from the best snow cone corner in Flower Mound that I’ve frequented, I have three other favorite desserts.

The two reasonably priced candybars, Coconut Twix and Coconut M&Ms,  can be found almost anywhere.  That is, if they’re still in stock. Luckily for my waistline, I’ve only sampled the coconut Twix once since it’s always out of stock at my local drugstore. Another great dessert that’s around for a limited time is the snack size Rolo McFlurry. Like its moniker, it’s a McFlurry with bits of Rolo candy. To relieve my conscience, I only eat the snack size (Truth be told – I’m not sure how effective that is as I’ve made frequent visits to Mickey D’s just for their Rolo McFlurry).

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