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6 Kid-Friendly Snack Time Wins with Mott's Fruity Rolls and Mott's Fruity Centers

Don't forget snack time with these 6 kid-friendly snack time ideas. You and your kids will feel like winners!

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Are your kids always starving? Even after serving a healthy meal, my kids will be hungry for a snack before the next meal. In our house, SNACKS are healthy and simple additions to a balanced diet as compared to treats, which are typically the sugar-filled, hopefully infrequent indulgence from a candy jar.

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TodaysMama has partnered with Mott's to bring you some easy wins at snack time. The best snacks are quick-to-make, healthy options that can also be fun! I appreciate snacks that are colored and flavored naturally without a lot of extra unknowns. Here are six kid-friendly snack time wins to keep your bunch happy and healthy!

Park Play dates with Mott's Fruity Rolls

Pack a box of Mott's Fruity Rolls when you head to the park for a play date. My kids love the strawberry flavor and I loved that they were getting vitamins in their snack.

After School Brain Booster Smoothie with Blueberries and Grape Juice
After school is prime snacking time for my students. After a long day of learning, my kids need a brain boost to help them tackle their homework. This smoothie recipe is packed with memory-enhancing blueberries, almond butter, grape juice that can enhance verbal learning skills, and wheat germ. If you want it a bit sweeter, just add a banana.

Lunch Box Game - Tic Tac Toe with Mott's Fruity Centers
Beat the lunch box blues by tucking in a pack of Mott's Fruity Centers and a Tic Tac Toe game board. Your child can get three in a row and win! Don't forget to pack an extra serving for a schoolmate so they can both play to win.

Swim Meet Snack - Dive Into Stodgy
Swim meets can be long sporting events. We like to pack a variety of snacks to keep up energy levels before racing in the pool. Stodgy is the name my grandma gives to her mixture of peanut butter and honey. Adding honey to the peanut butter makes it easier to dip pretzels or apples. To make, mix 1 part honey to 2 parts peanut butter in a leak-proof container. Let your pretzels dive right in the Stodgy for a crunchy and sweet snack.

Saturday Night Movie Snack - Homemade Pita Chips
When it's time for family movie night, give the popcorn bowl a break. Try sharing these easy, homemade pita chips. Slice up some wholewheat pita bread, spritz with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. A quick toast in the oven and you've got a bowl full of baked crisps that may earn you an award!

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Basketball Scored Clementines
When hoops practice is over, surprise your team with a bowl full of clementines. Scoring the peel not only makes the mini oranges look like a basketball, but also makes the fruit super easy to peel.

I love healthy snack ideas!
Remembering snacks on our playdates make me a winner mom! Thanks, Mott's Fruity Rolls

Whether packing school lunches, feeding the basketball team or providing snacks after-school, you can enjoy these six kid-friendly snack time wins, including Mott’s Fruity Rolls and Mott’s Fruity Centers. What are your favorite snack time ideas?

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6 Kid Friendly Snacks

Note: received compensation and sample products for the purpose of creating this content. The recipes and opinions expressed are all my own.


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