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5 Places You Must Eat in the Outer Banks

5 Places You Must Eat in the Outer Banks

We LOVE the Outer Banks. Check out 20 Things to do with Your Kids in the Outer Banks to see our favorite things to do there. It’s on the very top of our list of family trips we’ve taken!

When you’re not busy crab hunting, paddle boarding, or hiking up lighthouses, you might get a little hungry. Here are 5 of our favorite things to eat in the Outer Banks!

Duck Donuts – Order the “Maple Bacon”

I thought that the donuts were deep fried in duck fat. I honestly have told people that. But they’re not. What they are though is deep fried in deliciousness. I’d recommend a donut a day for the duration of your trip. My favorite? The Maple Bacon.

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Dirty Dicks Crab Shack – Order “The Shark Attack”

I know, I know. The name. The signs. We’ve been to the OBX 3 times and never gone for that reason. But last time – we went- and guess what? It was great. The kids had hush puppies, deep fried gator tail, deep fried pickles, and they all ordered “The Shark Attack” (a.k.a. a “Shirley Temple”). The service (and the food) was great. We had a blast!

Check out our copycat “Shark Attack” recipe. We even found out where to buy the sharks!

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Pigman’s BBQ – Order “Pigman’s Famous Ribs”

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You’re in North Carolina, you better sit down to some good BBQ. A friend of ours (Outer Banks local) recommended Pigman’s. It was delicious! The kids cleared their plates. We’ll go again next time we’re in town!

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The Lifesaving Station at The Sanderling in Duck – Order EVERYTHING

If you’re going to choose one place in the Outer Banks for a grown up dinner or a nicer meal, it’s the Lifesaving Station at the Sanderling Resort.  We couldn’t choose just one thing – so we ordered pretty much EVERYTHING. Their entire menu from start to finish is amazing (and it changes each season). Bonus? The restaurant is gorgeous.

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Hush Puppies

Get them. Everywhere. Everyone has their own secret recipe with something special that sets them apart. As someone from the West who has never had them, they were a delicious culinary adventure!

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Image and Recipe from Food Network


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